by Jonathan Williams


This city practically begs us to grow. From the most profound of people to the poignant songs we hear at just the right time, this city begs us to get better, wiser, stronger. The same is true of us as people of faith. We grow by sharing with one another and following the "threads" of things that shape the minds and hearts of those we trust.

In the following posts we'd like to share some of the things that have fostered growth in our staff over the past year. If any of the items pique your interest, click on the outlinks where you can get more information about them. 

Some items will seem standard, while others may seem a bit "bizarre." Nevertheless, these are things that have shaped us for the better. We hope that they bring about the same growth, hope, and renewal for you. 


1. Things Hidden, Scripture as Spirituality by Richard Rohr - I'm reminded over and over in this book that God does not change his mind about me. I am loved. This book challenges me over and over to change my mind about God. You can purchase this book here

2. The Liturgists - This blog has shaped my prayer life and Its podcasts provide thought provoking and honest conversations about Christianity. Check out the Liturgists. 

3. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn - Yes, I'm late to the game but this book goes to show us that there is very little that can take the place of great storytelling. 

4. Christena Cleveland - Christena is a voice of grace, truth, and unity. Her blog is a "go to" resource for our teaching team and has shaped the way our church talks about spirituality, diversity, and humility.