LENT Week 1 Liturgy

Lance found the liturgy this week over here.

As we step into the season of Lent and wrestle with the themes of hardship & harvest let us pray together.  The word “Lento” as a musical marker means “slowly” and so in this season we will use the Biblical word “Selah” which means something like “Stop & Listen” to slow our pace in prayer.  Please take a few moments to reflect on the words you just read:

Creator God, for daily bread 
and all who work 
to bring your harvest home
we bring our thanks today.
(selah - stop and think)

Forgive our ingratitude
we who have so much
yet waste what you have given.
(selah - stop and think)

For those whose harvest is poor, 
whose crops have withered, 
water tainted, children starve,
help those who bring relief
and bestow on us 
an unaccustomed generosity,

that all might share from your garden
and all might sing your praise.
(selah - stop and think)

Creator God, provider of all
we bring our thanks today.
And we bless each other
that the beauty of this world
and the love that created it
might be expressed through our lives
and be a blessing to others
now and always.  Amen

Ben GraceComment