Forefront matters every time anyone who's ever been marginalized feels loved and accepted. 

Forefront matters with every “Aha” moment in scripture. 

Forefront matters every time we serve. It’s been a part of our DNA from the beginning. 

Forefront matters every time we share our finances and resources to make sure that our community has more than enough.

Forefront matters every time we live out a just and generous expression of this radical, upending message of Jesus Christ. 

Forefront matters. Our community matters.

This Eastertide we are talking about why our community is vital to so many, and we're raising funds to sustain our church and ministries. Why? Because everything we do requires the love, effort, and generosity of people partnering with God. This Spring we want to challenge you to join us in raising funds to support our community.

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Our community has been thriving in Brooklyn for almost five years now, and many of the leaders who helped us get started are now starting families of their own. Because of this, and because of the many wonderful people we've met along the way, we are experiencing a baby boom in our Kidstuf Ministry! 

Our Kidstuf and Family Ministries are growing, and we need your generous support to keep up with their growing needs. From curriculum to new signage to funding an outreach event, there are several ways you can support our Family Ministry and our community. Click the button below to learn about the specific ways your gift will contribute toward generously loving the kids and parents of Brooklyn.

Our family wanted to be part of a diverse, intelligent, and open-minded community. Forefront BK is all that and more. The children’s ministry is led by Mira, who is amazing. Our 3 year old daughter loves attending church each week and often does not want to leave! - Carol F.


From small groups to coffee and bagels, every one of our ministries at Forefront Brooklyn contributes to our just and generous vision and fosters life change. When you give to a Forefront Brooklyn ministry, you're ensuring that authentic relationships are formed and maintained. You're creating a safe space for people to live out and grow in their faith. You're providing time for fun! Your giving allows us to serve the needs of our community at large. Your giving keeps the coffee hot and the bagels plentiful! Your gift to our Brooklyn ministries allows us to continue our just and generous expression of the Christian faith. Click the button below to learn more about the specific costs your gift will cover for our ministries.

Forefront creates a sense of community and belonging through believers who think critically, engage with humanity, communicate authentically, and lead with optimism. - Andy C.


We believe in a just and generous expression of the Christian faith, and at the heart of this is the incredible love of Jesus Christ. The essence of this radical Gospel message can be found in Jesus' Sermon on the Mount where we learn our God wants restoration, not retribution, and that justice looks like loving those who are poor in spirit, meek, and in need of peace.

We also believe that Jesus' ministry was fit to his context and is a model for how we are to minister to others in our NYC context today. Five years ago that meant raising a relief fund to support our neighbors who were suffering after Hurricane Sandy. Today it can mean many things, but we believe one of the most challenging conversations happening in Christian circles today is about what it looks like to love refugees.

We believe a just and generous faith, modeled after the radical, restorative love of Jesus, calls us to step into the conflict, and love those whom Jesus loves. This is why we're taking 12% of the funds raised during this campaign and putting it into a "Refugee Relief Fund." 

We'll use this fund to support efforts already happening in our Brooklyn neighborhoods through organizations like CAMBA, Greater NYC Families for Syria, and Gather for Goats.


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