Why Forefront Brooklyn Has Become My Chosen Family


Kisha L. first visited Forefront Brooklyn during spring 2017. During the first service she attended, she saw Grace D. stand up in front of the audience and talk about how she is a queer deacon at Forefront. She immediately turned to her best friend and said, "I think I've found home."

Since then, her experience at Forefront has been "awesome and overwhelming in a really good way. The sense of community is not something that I've known in church before." She cites herexperience of three Queer Communion (a FFBK ministry) members volunteering to help her move in, even though she had only met one of them before briefly at church. "I didn't feel I deserved it at first; I felt I had to earn help or community so it was hard for me to even accept it... I didn't know genuine care like that." Her first QC event was a discussion group hosted in a QC member's apartment to discuss the Nashville Statement and race. "I'd never been in a space that was so religious and queer at the same time. It felt good to be around my people."

After only a handful of months, Kisha volunteered to make waffles and host a brunch for QC at her apartment. "It was a way for me to give back. I've had a really hard time with church before Forefront, which stopped me from going to church for several years, until I found a space where I was 100% accepted. Hosting was the least I could do."

To help make FFBK create a home for more LGBTQ+ Christians, give here: https://buff.ly/2Dm8MQU

To learn more about Queer Communion, check it out: https://buff.ly/2DlhYVN