As people of faith we are trained to believe that God speaks to us in wholly private places of seclusion. This is just one facet of God’s guidance in human life, where in reality, God’s voice is trying to reach us through myriad channels- our friends, our families, our faith communities, our intellect, by observing the vastness of creation, and studying the life of Christ. God is using every avenue available to man to get his message across. In this series we will look at some of these surprising places where God is always speaking, though we may be unaware of it.

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Advent has the  odd potential to be filled with artificial energy, charity, faith, and wonder. As we cross the threshold of the holiday season may we take root in a quiet (but active) genuineness that moves us into something deeper than superficial “holiday buzz.”

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Throughout church history there are certain tenets that ever seem to be items of focus. Each generation expounds, practices, and passes on. What are the purposes of these recurring traits? More importantly, do they have any “stake” in our lives today or have these aging markers reached their time? In this series, we’ll look at what it means to reclaim these rhythms through the discipline of thankfulness.

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Money is not a thing. We’d like to think our exchanges take place in a purely “material” sense, when really, our gifts, purchases, and financial plans are made long before the commercial exchange takes place in the world of matter. The exchange occurs first within the heart. All that Jesus taught and practiced was aimed at getting people to shape the heart first, knowing that the person’s outer actions would follow. Make no mistake about it. What we spend our money on matters, but the spending of our money is always preceded by the priorities of our heart. In this series we’ll explore the ways we can shape our views of the material, by first, shaping the heart.

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Jesus understood that stories had the power to speak to people on any level. He also knew that the meaning of a story relied as much on the hearer as on the storyteller. In any storyline, the hearer of the story hears what they need to hear. This is why he taught in parables, so that all could partake of truth, whether they knew they were partaking of it or not. In this series, we’re taking a look at a few of the parables taught by Jesus, not to define what they mean, but to hear what they are saying to  each of us right where we are.

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The Psalms have always been the prayer book of God’s people. In them we find every depth of human emotion from joy and sorrow to doubt and praise and beyond. Just like an actor in a musical sings because simple words are no longer enough, or a Shakespearean character breaks into verse when his heart is too full for prose, the writers of the psalms pour forth their emotions in dialogue with God, letting their words be an overflow of their hearts and teaching us that we, too, can feel fully human in our prayers to God...for whoever can speak an honest word, can tell a poem. This series teaches us to pray with the psalms as we discover what it means to feel fully human with God.

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Human life is prone to compartmentalization. We are trained from an early age to be anything but wholistic. Work. Play. Rest. Relationships. Faith. Are they really all separate compartments? In this six part series we will explore the idea that our faith can never be set aside on its own and have any lasting impact. Could it be that we need a new theology about all of our compartments? Could God be in each of them?

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