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What Truly Matters

The Beatitudes offer us a more spacious world, a world where we do not have to explain everything, fix everything, or control anything beyond ourselves, a world where we can allow a Larger Mystery to work itself out through us and in us. These things are done to us more than anything we can do. The Beatitudes are about changing “me,” not changing other people. Wonderfully, it is not about being right anymore. We live, of course, in the tension between two worlds: the world where we need to prove that we are right and the world of daily right relationship with ourselves and others. One demands dominative power and concern with changing other people; the other is a self-renewing call to right relationship, and is primarily about changing ourselves.

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As people of faith we are trained to believe that God speaks to us in wholly private places of seclusion. This is just one facet of God’s guidance in human life, where in reality, God’s voice is trying to reach us through myriad channels- our friends, our families, our faith communities, our intellect, by observing the vastness of creation, and studying the life of Christ. God is using every avenue available to man to get his message across. In this series we will look at some of these surprising places where God is always speaking, though we may be unaware of it.

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