Imagine a church that still believes the gospel of Jesus Christ can truly be good news! 

Imagine a church that actually lives out their faith by combining the Gospel of Jesus Christ with inclusion of the LGBTQIA community.

Imagine a church that a heart for the justice issues of our day  because we believe it’s how we live out the good news of Christ. 

Imagine a church with progressive views on Christianity, and yet still committed to biblical literacy. 

Imagine a church that welcomes people of all walks of life and works to help heal while also looking outwardly to heal the world.

Our calling as a church is to let people know that there is still incredible news surrounding the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Our church is in the business of restorative justice and generosity in the name of Jesus Christ. Our vision is more important than ever. That's why we're introducing our IMAGINE Campaign. 

We can IMAGINE that our church will continue to literally change the lives of so many who've been told the lie that the Gospel message is not good news for them. 

We can imagine leaning into justice issues and bringing peace to our community, city, and beyond.

We can imagine teaching our scriptures with interest and insight that gives us fresh eyes to see the truly good news of Jesus. 


In order to be this church we need to reach our Operating Goal of $40,000.

Simply put, raising 40K during our Imagine Campaign allows Forefront to meet the needs of its yearly budget. It allows Forefront to operate and allows us to live out our restorative just and generous vision. In short, raising 40K for our Imagine campaign means that Forefront continues operating as is.

If our church raises 40K during our Imagine campaign we will celebrate, thankful for the privilege of raising money that allows us to meet the basic needs of our 2018 budget. 



But can you imagine doing more? Can you imagine raising 70K for our church? We can Imagine raising a stretch Goal of $70,000 to see Forefront thrive.

Imagine if our church had the financial resources to:

  • Encourage the building of lasting friendships through dinners, social events, and parties? We know that community building works, imagine having the resources to make it happen?
  • Give each small group a budget. Imagine how each small group might impact their neighborhoods. Imagine how they could care for church members in need. Imagine how they might use that money for events and local outreach.
  • Expand our series, like the Enneagram and Anti Racism? Imagine that they become ongoing learning opportunities and resources for our church?
  • Pay it's staff more! Imagine that they’re able to be compensated in such a way that they have more time & resources to live out our church’s vision?


Now, can you imagine our church being so generous as to give $90K to our 2018 budget? That would give us a surplus of $50K that we can use to impact our church, our city, and beyond!

What could a DREAM Goal of $90K do for our church?

Leaders to  play a major role in the development of a national church organization.
Imagine the impact that kind of surplus has on our immediate community?

  • Imagine staff members who are able to dedicate their full time to making sure that Forefront is living out its vision in the utmost?
  • Imagine retreats for our church that allow for rest, relationship building and spiritual growth.
  • What if we had extra time in the Roulette? Imagine the relationships built and people prayed for. 
  • Imagine a church that can play a major role in the NYC pride parade. What kind of impact could our church have on a group that is traditionally marginalized by the Christian community. Imagine the hope we can offer!

Here’s what you can do to make sure our church lives out it’s Just and Generous Calling. We want to make three asks: 

  1. If you’re new to our church and have not yet had a chance to give then we ask that you use this campaign to set up a recurring gift. 
  2. If you are giving can you take a moment to assess your finances and decide if you want to give again or maybe give more?
  3. Pledge to support Forefront financially by setting up a recurring gift, attending our Forefront party, and encouraging others to give too through peer fundraising.

Our church is in the business of restorative justice and generosity in the name of Jesus Christ. Our vision is more important than ever. 





Join the imagining on Twitter using the hashtag #imagineFFBK