Growing Together: Madison Carmen

Throughout our Growing Together series, we’ll be highlighting members of our community by learning about their journey and celebrating their stories. Our first post is from Madison:


I’m a former Pastor, and ministry leader that was convinced I would never step foot into a church again. While my heart longed for community and fellowship, I simply couldn’t deal with the thought of being so hurt and rejected again.

After a few years of hiding my pain in heavy alcoholism, I finally got sober and found my heart once again willing to explore. I heard about Forefront from a Pastor friend and wanted to give it a shot but I was scared. After some thought I decided to give it a try. Many churches say that everyone is welcome but most don’t mean it, however, Forefront was the most diverse and truly loving place I had found.

Everyone really does matter, everyone does belong, and everyone is loved exactly how they are and for who they are. Forefront became my family, and I want others to know that they belong, and that they matter too.

I give my time serving on the greeting team now, and love being a smiling and loving face to everyone who comes through the door. I give financially because this community champions for everyone especially the marginalized, I can see lives being changed, and I can see hope being restored to so many.

And last but not least, I give in a way I never thought possible again.... I give my heart.

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Mira Joyner