Black History Month Resources

We've purposely waited until the end of February to talk about the black authors and activists that influence Forefront.

Our vision is to be a just and generous expression of Jesus Christ. We know that part of that expression is working to create equity for every one of us made in the image of God. We also know that we live out this vision for more than just one month.

We pray that you read, study, and listen to these important voices throughout the year and in doing so begin the process of living out Forefront's vision.


James Cone - The Cross and The Lynching Tree

This book shaped my theology in such a way where I could no longer separate the Gospel message from racism in America. It's a powerful read and will change your mindset around racism and Christianity. 


Austin Channing Brown - I'm Still Here

Austin Channing's story is one that opened my eyes to the subtle forms of racism perpetuated in this country. I'm thankful for her story and the ways in which it has started change in me.


Andre Henry - To all of the White Friends I Couldn't Keep

I’ve been reading, listening to, and following Andre for a while now. This essay is sobering, powerful, and a reminder that divides end when belief begins.

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Shaun King - The North Star

Shaun King recently revived The North Star for liberation journalism, not accepting venture capital funding nor commercial support. They're fully-funded by their readers. It’s worth checking out.


We don't want to limit influencers, writers, and speakers of color to one month a year. We want this community to participate. Who are you reading? Who is challenging you right now? Who does our church community need to know and hear? Let us know and we'll post on social media.  Let's keep the conversation going.

- Jonathan

Robbie Klein