It's the New Year! 

And of course you haven't made a New Year's Resolution because that's so passé.

If you're like me however you do want to be challenged. You want to create good habits. You want growth. You want new and better ways of thinking. You want new experiences. You want new ways of looking at Jesus. 

The Forefront staff is often asked by our community to talk about the people, books, experiences, and everything else that has had a lasting impact on our lives. We figured that there is no better time than the new year to let you know about the "Things That Have Shaped Us."

Go ahead and take a look. Maybe, just maybe you'll find something challenging, thought provoking, entertaining, or even life changing. Stay tuned for future posts from our staff.

Without further adieu I present to you the Things That Have Shaped Me in the past year.

Scroll over the images for further thoughts, details, and enlightenments.


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