For All

The incredible picture that makes up the For All cover art was conceived and carried out by Forefront's own Heshan Fernando. Heshan also plays guitar in the worship team in Manhattan. Here, in Heshan’s own words, is the vision behind his amazing image:

The star trails shot behind Michael Taylor’s new album “For All” is embodiment of a clear message that Christ’s love is available to all people and that we, as a community, are to open the doors of our hearts toward welcoming, loving, and living in solidarity with others.

Taken over the course of four hours, 300 individual photos of the stars were stacked together to capture the apparent motion of stars in the night sky due to the rotation of the Earth. The different colors of the stars in our sky are from the “temperature” of light that stars burn at, which give rise to the various shades of blue, yellow, orange and white.

Just as the different colored star streaks revolve around the north celestial pole, the body of Christ is a reflection of many different peoples from various cultures and backgrounds with God at the center. It also serves as a reminder that Christ’s sacrifice is the ultimate expression of what love looks like in action.
— Heshan Fernando

Here is a full size render of the entire shot. You can check out more of Heshan's work at: