I Go To Church

Not everyone in my life knows that I am a Christian. People from other areas of my life don't always know that I work for a church. The cashier at Trader Joe's asked me what I did the other day, and I told him I was a teacher. Technically sort of true, but really I just didn't want to get into the "so are you a pastor?" discussion. It is a long discussion and one that comes with a lot of preconceptions about Christianity and "religious people."

I don't want to hide who I am and what matters to me anymore. When I came back to church, I experienced incredible life change. There are other people who, like me, feel that they have been burned by the church or that the church has no place for them. It does, but if I don't show them that, who will?

Our church is a community of people faithfully questioning what it means to be a church and to be Christ-like. I was so humbled and grateful to be invited into this community, and now I have the opportunity to invite others in. Others can experience life change, but they have to be invited.

On June 7 we're starting a new series called "Misused Scripture." I was a Sunday school nerd as a kid and memorized tons of verses, without thinking about what they meant. I accepted wholly what I was taught as a child about the meaning and nature of Scripture. In this series we're going to explode a lot of assumptions. But, we're going to do it to move in a more loving direction. After all, isn't that the point of Scripture, of Jesus? This series is a great opportunity to invite people you know who are curious about God but not church, to come into our community. Plus, on June 7 both locations are pulling out the stops. Horn section, incredible music, Smorgasburg, lunch in Madison Square Park. I even bought a kiddie pool for downstairs. Come, but don't come alone.