Nikki Lerner: One of the Most Productive People I Know

I first met Nikki a little under a year and a half ago.

It was at a Multicultural Worship Leaders conference hosted at her church.  She presented, hosted, interviewed and sang.  

She did it all.

And with a smile on her face.

In the middle of the conference a box arrived for her and it was CDs of her first record "Longings" which she had successfully funded on Kickstarter.  I was excited to be one of the first to grab a CD even though I had just met her.  Here's the title track off that record:

Since I met Nikki I've been dazzled by her drive and talent and heart.  As I was thinking about how I wanted to tell her story to you guys in order to get you excited about her visiting us I realized that she inspires me by her productivity.  Here's a quick list of just the things I know:

2009 - Debut EP
2010 - Bridgeway Live record 
2013 - Successful Kickstarter campaign results in her first record "Longings"
2014 - Contributed a song to the CD Multicultural Worship Collective #1
2015 (Feb) - Bridgeway worship project "Abba Father" 
2015 (Mar) - Running a Kickstarter for her second full length record "The Things We Never Say"
2015 (Apr) - Releasing a book on Multicultural Worship with Josh Davis. She texted me this last night!

So for those of you playing along at home thats 6 records & a book in the last 7 years.  No mean feat!  Which is one of my favourite expressions and I just googled the meaning and here it is:

A laudable triumph of great difficulty.

What is her secret?

I don't know but I'm gonna ask her this weekend and maybe we'll even record a podcast about it.  Lancelot just gave me "The War of Art" and its already pushing my buttons so I'll be blogging about process and resistance over here.


Please check out Nikki's music
and her Kickstarter
and get excited about hosting her
at Forefront Brooklyn on Sunday!