Reblog: Lighthearted, playful disciples

Its rare for me to be literally laughing out loud as I read a blog post from a pastor but Jared Witt (once upon a time Forefront's West Side pastor) had me in stitches over this.  Jen Fisher spoke & blogged about the disciples last week & I think Jared's blog post provides another really interesting angle & perhaps some encouragement to see this "discipleship" thing as a joyful, not daunting, task.

Here's the link & below a few excerpts to whet your appetite but read the whole thing for some hilariously self deprecating stories:

"You might even say that Mark’s gospel encourages us to laugh at ourselves. The gap between God’s powerful work and our puny efforts is comically wide.  And this frees us from acting like self-righteous know-it-alls.  It frees us from pretending we have our act together.  And it makes possible a new kind of lightness and playfulness in life. 

Those who’ve gathered around Jesus should be the most self-deprecating people in any room.  We should have the best stories about our embarrassing blunders and ignorant, misguided projects.  We don’t take offense when others laugh at us, because we’re already laughing at ourselves."

Ben GraceComment