Guild Walkin'

Most of us walk. Most of us walk a lot. Our man Aaron Sorkin, talented writer of 'The Social Network' and 'The West Wing' thinks walking is so fascinating that he has most of his characters exchange dialogue in his now famous 'Walk & Talk' scenes.

There's an undeniable power to this simple part of many of our lives. It's conducive to thinking. We get to explore where we're going because our pace allows for it more than driving or riding or running.

My favorite way to walk recently though, has been combining walking + photographing, something the Photo Guild calls a 'Guild Walk'. It's honestly pretty basic: we pick an interesting part of the city, agree to meet there and walk from a starting point to an end point, all the while shooting photos together. BUT there's two really cool things that naturally happen here, things I've seen as we've done more of these during the warm months.

First: these creatives learn from each other. They observe, are inspired by, and seek to understand the unique approach their fellow photographers take to capturing our attractive city. And second: They build natural, new friendships as they have their own versions of the Walk & Talk (and shoot).

Having creative friends, as a creative, I've found to be so important. These are the people who remind me to keep creating. They challenge me to try something new. They don't let me forget that making things should always be fun at some level, and should absolutely make you feel alive.

Check out more of what's going on with Guilds on the Guild site.

                                                  - Matthew

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