Our Movement

Forefront stems from a movement of churches that practice something called "congregational polity." This means that each of the churches in our movement have no central headquarters, councils, or other organizational structure above the local church level.

Though we are united with hundreds of churches across the globe, we participate in partnership freely based on our shared values. The only "binding" that exists is the bond of love.

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Our Leaders

Each Small Group, Guild, Outreach Coordinator, or Ministry Team at Forefront is cared for and developed by a leader in our congregation. This leader plays an active role in our community and is committed to seeing our values lived out in our congregation.

Our congregation is self-governed by a Leadership Team made up of people who are nominated by this wider circle of leaders in our community. Each member of our Leadership Team serves one three-year-term with the option to serve a second term.

This keeps "church" healthy, relevant, and more about relationships than religiosity. It's what I love about our history, our movement, and our culture. It truly is "by the people, for the people."

Each fall, all of the leaders in our congregation get away into the woods to rest, worship, pray, think, learn, and listen to God concerning the coming in year. 


Rethinking Spiritual Formation

This past weekend, 80 of our leaders gathered in Rock Hill, New York to rethink "spiritual formation." Though we all have a spiritual growth process for ourselves as individuals, we had been seeing the need for us to grow more closely together in this area as leaders. Our goal was to begin engaging the same spiritual conversation so that we might grow closer to God and each other.

It was powerful weekend as we "re-thought" scripture, prayer, and worship.

We left the weekend even more united, revived, and hopeful about what God is doing in New York City through the efforts of our community.

“...the world was not worthy of them.”

- Hebrews 11:38

This may sound like hyperbole, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart. We truly believe that our leaders are the the greatest people in the world. They give (daily) of their time, energy, and resources for the betterment of everyone that enters the doors of our church. Nothing happens at Forefront apart from our leaders.

In the coming weeks, if you see anyone leading a team on Sunday or during the week, or when you see your Small Group or Guild Leader this week, be sure to thank them. They do all that they do for you and I, so that we might (in some mysterious way) through their own human love, realize the divine love of God for ourselves and see our lives changed.

We love you, Forefront leaders. 

Thank you for all that you do. This would  be impossible without you.

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