We have an incredible opportunity to tell even more stories of reconciliation. We have an incredible opportunity to engage the scriptures with new eyes and open hearts. We have an incredible opportunity to celebrate new relationships where people come to the realization that the Gospel is still relevant and at work in everyday life.

We can do so much more together than we can on our own 

Join us as we partner together in this; bringing hope to a city in need.


Do you realize the impact Forefront has made on this city? 

That is because of you. Lives have been changed because of your commitment to our church and our community. 

Forefront has changed so many lives because of the many generosity of the people inside (and outside) of our community. In fact, some of these outside benefactors have generously given up to 40 % of Forefront’s yearly operating budget. 

We are grateful for each and every church, family, and friend who has given their support to the Forefront community. Eventually, however, they must take root in the communities in which they live and support the good things happening in their own congregations.


We are going to raise $250,000.

That’s right. $250,000

We’re going to raise $250,000 because we believe that our church is called to change even more lives in this city. 

The next 8 weeks are going to be TOGETHER IN THIS - a series dedicated to telling the stories of life-change made through our community.

During this series, join us in creating a pledge to give a recurring gift and in renewing and restoring lives.

Let’s do this together


Friday, May 13 at 7pm
Midtown Loft and Terrace (267 Fifth Ave at 29th St)
Tickets $40, includes 3 drink tickets

Join us for an evening of food, drink, and music at the beautiful Midtown Loft. You’ll hear more about Together In This and have an opportunity to make a pledge

Purchase tickets below.


At any time during this series, you can give. We have several easy ways for you todo this.


Place your gift in the offering envelope and drop it in the baskets as they pass.


at forefrontnyc.com/tgit/give


Email marlee@forefrontnyc.com to find out how to donate.

F A Q ' S


Will have have a Celebration Generosity this year?

We will not have Celebration Generosity this year. We’re looking at the big picture. We know that raising the money Forefront needs to be financially sound will allow us to give during Celebration Generosity for years to come. 

We anticipate that we’ll be able to continue CG in the future upon reaching our Together in This goal of $250,000 this year.


Does Forefront have any debt?

We do not have any current debt. We have some savings and stock options. We’re simply projected to spend more than we’re currently receiving.


What measures have we taken to reduce our budget expenditures?

Over that past 18 months we have poured over our budget expenditures. With the help of our leadership team we’ve been able to reduce our budget by $190,000. We need to do this campaign in order for us to remain in the black for 2016 and 2017.


How long will our campaign goals give us a financial cushion?

We’ll have 18-24 months to increase our giving and to create opportunities for new growth. 


What is our relationship with our outside supporters? Why did they stop giving?

Our relationship with our outside supporters is excellent! 

Most of our outside supporters were giving on a timeline of four years with the specific goal of seeing Forefront Brooklyn succeed and to see Forefront Manhattan pursue new initiatives. 

Others have moved and were gracious enough to continue to give even after moving. 

Our outside supporters continue to support  our church with prayer, but no longer have the means to give in the same manner. 


Do other churches do these kinds of campaigns?

Yes, this common. They’re called "capital campaigns" and they raise money for specific projects. It should be noted that most capital campaigns raise very large sums of money in the million-dollar-range. What we’re raising is relatively small in comparison. 


What will the timeline be for Together in This?

Our campaign starts on Sunday, April 3 and we’ll conclude with a day of celebration and giving on Sunday, May 22. Mark your calendars because we’re also having a Together in This Gala on Friday, May 13 at the Midtown Loft!