Growing Together: Joseph, Asha, and Leilani Baptiste

When our daughter was born we discussed finding a church that had values in line with ours to raise her in. We settled on two churches to visit and started with Forefront. When we walked through the doors the first person we met greeted us with a warm genuine smile. We spoke briefly with him and he walked us to our seats. A few minutes later he was up front introducing himself as one of the head pastors. After service several members approached us to greet us and chat. From day one at Forefront we felt welcomed and accepted and didn’t feel it was necessary to visit the other church.

We continue to attend and are motivated to give to Forefront because we wholeheartedly believe in its message of love, acceptance, and inclusion. This message is at the core of every sermon and is manifested in Forefront’s work within the church and the community. I am excited to see my daughter grow up in a church that leads with love and affirms people of all backgrounds and from all walks of life.

Joseph, Asha, and Leilani

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Robbie Klein