Prayers of the Peacemakers

In this tumultuous season, Forefront Brooklyn added a time of prayer and reflection in our worship services. We want to prayerfully respond to the tension and the division in our country. Forefront community member Ashley Putnam wrote a moving prayer of peace for our nation. We encourage you to pray this prayer and share it with others that we might be conduits of real peace.

Prayer of the Peacemaker 

Lord, we come to you today with heavy hearts. It seems every day we are waking up to devastating news, political divisions, natural disasters, lives lost. 

Our hearts long for your peace, your justice, the world that you desire.

Lord open our eyes and hearts this morning, help us to see the distance between our politicalized mainstream American culture, and the radical love you want us to practice.

Lord, in a world is hurting and broken, where people fear each other and judge each other before they love each other, we pray we will be the hands and feet of your love. 

God make us instruments of your good, guide our hands and feet to action, make us more than a people of thoughts and prayers. 

May we be community in a world of isolation, mercy in a world of judgment, and reconciliation in a time of division. 

Lord hear our cries. 

-Ashley Putnam

Jonathan Williams