Wednesday of Holy Week reflection

Are you ever afraid to pray?

"I have nothing to say!"

"What if I mess up my words?"

"I won't pray in front of others."

What if you could pray without words? What if you were only listening? Scripture tells us that Jesus prayed for 40 days in the desert. Was he really talking, moving his lips, or speaking audibly for 40 days straight? That seems physically and mentally impossible.


Was Christ listening? Was Christ walking through the desert making a continual and conscious choice to say, "Yes" to God? Was Christ waiting for that still small voice that makes the mountains cry out in worship? 

Prayer isn't always run on sentences and eloquent speeches. Sometimes it's simply stopping to listen. Sometimes it's just saying, "yes" to God. Sometimes it simply means stopping and being quiet. 

Today we invite you to sit at the feet of Jesus through a Centering Prayer. There are no words needed, just listen to that still small voice that makes the rocks cry out in worship. 

Centering Prayer