This Book is Kickin' my Butt!

I know I'm not the only leader in our community. The truth is that there are many of us in positions of leadership. At the very least, we're involved in tough work decisions, intense conversations, and feeling like we aren't "equipped" or "good enough." to handle what life throws our way.

Leading with a Limp, by Dan Allender  has reminded me of the kind of leaders that God calls. They are murderers, adulterers and embezzlers. One was called the weeping prophet because he cried all of the time. Others we so boring that people literally died listening to them speak. By today's standards not one of them would be hired to work at a Hot Dog Cart. 

But here's what they do have in common, each one of these broken leaders literally changed history for the cause of Jesus Christ.

In the midst of not believing we're "good enough", it's nice to remember that incredible history makers weren't "good enough" either and yet they're the reason we believe today. 

Jonathan Williams