(East Side) SGL Resource - Connecting your group to SERVICE in the city

This small group is having fun at a recent party - do you think they can have equal amounts of fun serving the city together? 


One of the many ways your small group can grow spiritually and grow as a community is to serve together. While many groups would LIKE to do this, many DO NOT. As we've whittled down the reasons why, we've come up with FOUR REASONS why groups don't serve and FOUR WAYS you can start serving this month!

Four Reasons Groups Do Not Serve

1. Group Leader is overextended and cannot put time in to this.

2. Group is unaware of much-needed opportunities

3. Group has trouble linking their passions with the city's needs

4. At times, the commitment needed is too high for a group to take on.

We understand that time is sometimes short, which is why we've created 4 ways you can get involved this month below. But, before we get there, let me push back just a touch because I think there are a few questions you can ask yourself as you consider where and how to serve.

Questions to ask yourself:
1. What are my passions? What would I do if I were serving alone? 

2. What is God saying to ME? What is God saying to THE GROUP? 

3. What if, instead of meeting to do a study, we met to serve? (and canceled group that week)

We believe that when you connect to God, your group, and your passions, you'll find a way to serve others in a way that makes sense for you and your group. 


Justin Chan is our COMMUNITY ADVOCATE, helping to connect some of the city's greatest needs with the gifts + passions of our small groups. You can contact him at any time at chan.justin@gmail.com. Justin may connect you to one of our CHAMPIONS (a liason at Forefront who connects volunteers with organizations we support).

That being said, here are 4 ways you and your group can get involved this month:

1. Kenmore | Game Night

Your group can brighten up some of our friends at The Kenmore (a residence for HIV/AIDS victims & Vietnam Veterans) through Game Night. Play games, eat food, enjoy the company. Our Champion, Elisa Duger, will help to coordinate the night with you. 

2. Bowery Mission | Church Service + Breakfast

Every third Sunday of the month we have an opportunity to lead worship, teach, and serve breakfast to 200+ men that live on the streets. This is EASIER than you may think. Our Champion, Brian Miller, does an incredible job of prepping leaders to lead well and serve breakfast to those that would otherwise not eat. 

3. The Father's Heart | Restoring Dignity through First-Class Service

Every third Saturday of the month we have an opportunity to restore dignity to more than 600 men, women and children through serving meals. Groups can serve together, then do brunch after to reflect on the day. Our Champion, Bill Ehninger, will take care of you before/during/after the day.

4. Restore | Dinner with a Purpose (for women only)

Once-a-month we have an opportunity to partner with Restore in bringing about restoration to women caught up in sex trafficking. Make dinner and make a world of difference in the life of women that have been lied to for years. 


In addition to these opportunities please check out the links below to some great organizations in our city that are doing great work. Contact to see how you or your group could get involved.

Defy Ventures 

The Adventure Project

African Dream Initiative