Leadership Community 9/15/16

Below is the activity/reflection that Eric led us through at Leadership Community on Thursday. Click here to download a copy.


Individual Activity

Before we get into anything here, take a good, deep breath (or two). Relax. You’re alone, so you can be yourself.  Get into the activity as much as you can and have some fun!  Take a few more deep and slow breaths before you begin.

For this activity I am going to ask you to use your imagination as a way of connecting with your values. Given that this is about your life’s purpose, it warrants an investment of time and thought. So if you’re inclined to jump straight to the blank lines below and start filling them in, pause a few moments.  Read the next few paragraphs and ensure that what you’re writing is important to you.  No one will grade you, except God (not true), but this is one of those things where ‘the more you put in, the more you get out.’ 


At Your 80th Birthday Party!

Suppose that we have the ability to fast forward you through time, and… CONGRATULATIONS, you made it to your 80th Birthday Partaay!  You look amazing, of course, so don’t worry about that.  At this event, people who are important to you, and to whom you are important, have come together to celebrate you and your life. These are people who “see” you; they get you.  Because this is fantasy, these important people can be anyone from your life—alive or dead—they all made it safely to the party. Take a moment to imagine the banquet hall, the decorations, the smell of the food, the music, etc.  And, then take a moment to visualize the faces of each important person—one by one.  Again, pour yourself into the imagery. 

Then imagine hearing the high-pitched ‘ding’ as someone hits their wine glass to get the attention of the room.  The time has come for these important people to make speeches about you!  They will spend their time talking about the kind of person they experienced you to be.

For this activity, I would like you to write the basic speeches for three important people as if you had actually become the person you would most like to be.  So, take a brief moment, and let yourself imagine this person speaking from their heart about who you have been to them.  Each speech should also reflect what each person saw as very important to you, and the impact you had on their life.  Don’t limit yourself to what your mind currently tells you is achievable.  Remember that you don’t need to show this to anyone – and that you’re not being graded.  For now, let your imagination have free reign.



Who is the first person to speak? Write down their name and their relationship to you.




What do they say? Write this in below, or if you need more space use a separate sheet.


Now repeat this for subsequent speakers.




What do they say? Write this in below, or if you need more space use a separate sheet.




What do they say? Write this in below, or if you need more space use a separate sheet.


Values Sort

Take some time to come back to the present — take a deep breath (time travel can be rough) — and take a second to look over the Values on the following page. Listed there are 38 Values that people find really important to their deepest Self. Read through the list, review your experience in the Party activity, and identify your TOP 3 Values. That’s right, you can only have 3.   

Please circle and rank order them.


Clarify Your Values

Below are some common values. (They are not ‘the right ones’; merely common ones.)

1. Acceptance/self-acceptance: to be accepting of myself, others, life, etc.

2. Adventure: to be adventurous; to actively explore novel or stimulating experiences

3. Assertiveness: to respectfully stand up for my rights and request what I want

4. Authenticity: to be authentic, genuine, and real; to be true to myself

5. Caring/self-care: to be caring toward myself, others, the environment, etc.

6. Compassion/self-compassion: to act kindly toward myself and others in pain

7. Connection: to engage fully in whatever I’m doing and be fully present with others

8. Contribution and generosity: to contribute, give, help, assist, or share

9. Cooperation: to be cooperative and collaborative with others

10. Courage: to be courageous or brave; to persist in the face of fear, threat, or difficulty

11. Creativity: to be creative or innovative

12. Curiosity: to be curious, open-minded, and interested; to explore and discover

13. Encouragement: to encourage and reward behavior that I value in myself or others

14. Excitement: to seek, create, and engage in activities that are exciting or stimulating

15. Fairness and justice: to be fair and just to myself or others

16. Fitness: to maintain or improve or look after my physical and mental health

17. Flexibility: to adjust and adapt readily to changing circumstances

18. Freedom and independence: to choose how I live and help others do likewise

19. Friendliness: to be friendly, companionable, or agreeable toward others

20. Forgiveness/self-forgiveness: to be forgiving toward myself or others

21. Fun and humor: to be fun loving; to seek, create, and engage in fun-filled activities

22. Gratitude: to be grateful for and appreciative of myself, others, and life

23. Honesty: to be honest, truthful, and sincere with myself and others

24. Industry: to be industrious, hardworking, and dedicated

25. Intimacy: to open up, reveal, and share myself, emotionally or physically

26. Kindness: to be kind, considerate, nurturing, or caring toward myself or others

27. Love: to act lovingly or affectionately toward myself or others

28. Mindfulness: to be open to, engaged in and curious about the present moment

29. Order: to be orderly and organized

30. Persistence and commitment: to continue resolutely, despite problems or difficulties.

31. Respect/self-respect: to treat myself and others with care and consideration

32. Responsibility: to be responsible and accountable for my actions

33. Safety and protection: to secure, protect, or ensure my own safety or that of others

34. Sensuality and pleasure: to create or enjoy pleasurable and sensual experiences

35. Sexuality: to explore or express my sexuality

36. Skillfulness: to continually practice and improve my skills and apply myself fully

37. Supportiveness: to be supportive, helpful and available to myself or others

38. Trust: to be trustworthy; to be loyal, faithful, sincere, and reliable

39. Other:

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