Signing up for a Breeze Account

You may know Breeze as the system we use to process gifts, but it is also our database of people. If you already have a login to Breeze, then you will see that you now have access to not only your own profile, but to the profiles of others in our database. Why does this matter? Each Manhattan volunteer and leader has a field in their profile with their area of volunteering and/or their area of leadership.

Can't remember who leads the coffee & bagels team? Check Breeze! Not sure whether to ask someone to join your team because they might be volunteering elsewhere? Check Breeze!

If you don't already have a Breeze account, you can create one at, or by clicking the sailboat icon at the bottom of any page on the Forefront website. Once you create an account, Marlee will update your permissions to see the people database.

If you have any questions about signing up for an account or using Breeze, please email Marlee.

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