Fall Sermon Series

We have great fall sermon series planned!

Visit forefrontnyc.com/series-mh for messages, video and audio, study guides, and music from Sundays.


Forefront Is (Sunday, September 11 - Sunday, October 9)

Forefront Is will explore what progressive Christianity means to us. We'll look at topics like

What does it mean to be interdenominational?
What is the difference between tradition and traditionalism?
What does it mean to read the Scriptures like Jesus?
What is the nature of humans relationship to God?
What is salvation for?

Throughout the series we will collect questions from our community, and on the last week of the series, Ryan and Travis will do a Q and A to answer them. If you are interested in the inspiration for this series, you can listen to these messages from Gracepointe Church in Tennessee.


Six Words (Sunday, October 16 - Sunday, November 20)

Each week we will take a look at a different Hebrew word and its meaning in context as we find it in scriptures. The words are Yiśrāʾēl (Israel), Hineni(“Here I am,” or “to be Present”), Mitzvah (Commandment), and Barak (Blessing). Lisa Sharon Harper will kick off this series at her FCQ event discussing Shalom. The inspiration for this series came from a Robcast (Rob Bell's podcast) with Rabbi Joel. You can listen to it here.

Advent: Peace on Earth (Sunday, November 27 - Sunday, December 18)

How do we prepare for the Prince of Peace’s arrival? In Peace on Earth we'll look at ourselves and our own inner peace, bringing peace in the showing of empathy toward others, taking action against that which does not bring peace, and highlighting the peaceful things that are already going on in our city.


Christmas Eve Service, Saturday, December 24, in Brooklyn



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