Our staff collaborates with Forefront Brooklyn's Leadership Team (elders) and Deacons to foster the best environment for spiritual, emotional, and communal growth. 



Jonathan Williams, Lead Pastor

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I lead Forefront BK, a part time blogger at the Huffington Post, and am a long suffering Mets fan, which is also a full-time job. 

I love story telling and am writing my story for Westminster John Knox Press. God willing it will be released in late 2018. 

I love my family, a good beer, a better playlist, an excellent book, and a community that loves good questions. 


Ben Grace, Worship Director

I'm an Australian singer/songwriter who moved to NYC 6 years ago to pursue cowriting.  I fell into ministry & came on staff to help launch Forefront Brooklyn.  In the process I fell in love with liturgy & in particular the cycle of the church year & established a worship collective called The Calendar Years.  Outside of church music I write songs in the Americana tradition & have recently been fascinated by the protest folk movement of the 60s & 70s.  You can hear more of my music here.  Beyond that my passion extends to local craft beer, good stories, messy
community, and better questions. 

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Mira Joyner, Community and Family Ministry Director 

I have been involved in Children's Ministry working with children of varying ages in various capacities in Hong Kong, my birth place, Australia and now in Brooklyn, New York.  In the time I have been working at Forefront, I have come to make it my mission to find and develop a curriculum for faith formation that is inclusive, affirming, loving, relevant and creative.  Outside of church, I am a member of the Young Professionals Board at Nomi Network, a non-profit that provides training for women who have been victims of sex trafficking in India and Cambodia. In my free time, I enjoy playing Capoeira or doing crafts with my three daughters in the backyard of our brownstone in Bedstuy.





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