One of our core values is serving. We don't just want to be an institution. We want to be a family. We want to help each other and the city beyond.

Everything that happens on a Sunday happens because of our wonderful teams. The greeters and hospitality, the music, the media, kidstuf, set up, tear down and finances are all made possible by volunteers who use their freedom to serve you.

We encourage you to read through opportunities below and get involved. If you are interested in one or more teams, let us know. We'll connect with you with the appropriate team so you can serve the community through your unique gifts and passions.


Greeting & Connection Point

Our greeting team is responsible for making sure newcomers to Forefront are welcomed, cared for, and connected to others in our community. Nearly everyone who is a part of our community had his or her first interaction with a member of this team. 

To learn more about serving with this team, click the "Join a Team" button at the top of this page. 

Set Up Team & Tear Down Team 

Turning a concert venue into a church and back again in the span of a few hours is an impressive feat. The set-up and tear down teams work behind the scenes to ensure that Sunday mornings can actually happen. Join them in creating a space where people can find their way back to God through a welcoming and organized environment. 

If you're a morning person and want to get involved in the set-up team or if you'd rather help us after second service as we tear down, pack up, and reload our storage van, click the "Join a Team" button at the top of this page.

Prayer Team

If you have a passion for listening to people and praying for them, this is your team. The prayer team offers comfort and support to our community through prayer on Sundays and throughout the week. 

If prayer is a gift of yours, please get in touch with us!

Kidstuf & Family Ministry

Communities are made up of individuals, as well as families. Kidstuf is partnering with families to help care for, develop, and inspire our babies, children, and teenagers. You can help by teaching or assisting in Kidstuf on Sunday mornings or by serving our families through some of the various events we hold throughout the year.

Hospitality Team

The hospitality team is partnering with Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee to help bring hope to people in Rwanda. Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Co. partners with farmers and local community leaders to develop the coffee into a sustainable income, pay a just Living Wage, and strive to further meet the needs of the people.

The church has always broken bread together, the coffee was added later. If you enjoy having coffee and bagels on Sundays and want to help welcome and meet new people while helping a community in Rwanda, join this team.

Finance Team

Generosity is one of our core values. Because of this, being good stewards of our resources is very important to us. If you are interested in helping Forefront take good care of the financial support we receive on Sundays, this is your team. You don't have to be an expert with money to serve on this team, you simply have to be willing to count!

Worship Team

The Forefront worship team is a group of skilled musicians and vocalists with a heart for worship. This team assists in leading our community in praise and worship each Sunday with a passion for diversity and creativity. If you have musical skills and a passion for trying new things in worship, then join us!

Audio/Visual Team

Everything that is seen and heard on Sunday mornings is carried out by our incredible Audio/Visual team. This team works behind the scenes on the production aspect of our Sunday services. If you have skills in sound or light production or want to learn those skills (we'll teach you!), please join us!


Service is a part of our vision at Forefront. Our church strives to be a just and generous expression of the Christian Faith.

The justice of God is always restorative. God is constantly working to restore systems, communities, families, and humanity. For us to be a just church, we serve as a way to partner with God in bringing restorative justice to all things. 

We work alongside others to bring justice to systems that oppress or marginalize human beings. 

We work alongside others to bring dignity and restoration to human life.

We work alongside others to be prophetic voices to the injustices of our communities and our city.

Join us by volunteering with these organizations as we work to live out our just and generous vision. 


Nomi Network is a nonprofit that creates economic opportunities for survivors and women at risk of human trafficking in India and Cambodia. You can support their work by buying products from their Buy Her Bag Not Her Body line or by hosting a party, so your friends can buy bags and learn more. Volunteer for one of their events or participate in awareness events around the city.

Read our blog post to learn more about this partnership and contact Nomi Network directly here to learn how you can serve. 

African dream initiative

ADI believes that the best way to build a stronger Africa is to foster future African leaders from diverse backgrounds. ADI finds bright children living on the edges of society and provides them with long-term, quality education, leadership and critical thinking skills, and other resources they need to become leaders in their communities and beyond. Students come from families and tribes stricken by AIDS, war and poverty and, while they don’t lack in ambition, they do need resources to make their dreams come true – that’s where we come in! ADI provides promising children an opportunity to attend the most prestigious schools in the region, where they gain the skills and confidence to become leaders. Learn more here.

In January 2017 a team of Forefront Manhattan & Brooklyn volunteers traveled to Uganda to teach and support the ADI students. Check out the short video of their trip below and email Brooklyn Lead Pastor Jonathan Williams to get involved.


Nomi Network is a nonprofit that creates economic opportunities for survivors and women at risk of human trafficking in India and Cambodia. You can support their work by buying products from their Buy Her Bag Not Her Body line or by hosting a party, so your friends can buy bags and learn more. Volunteer for one of their events or participate in awareness events around the city.

Read our blog post to learn more about this partnership and contact Nomi Network directly here to learn how you can serve. 

Local Partners:


The Kenmore’s (a part of HSI, NYC) mission is to end chronic homelessness, prevent displacement for those at risk and improve housing conditions for the marginalized through the development and management of permanent supportive housing, collaborations with other community groups, and preservation initiatives to safeguard NYC’s existing affordable housing stock.

The Kenmore is a long-term residential housing complex filled with women and men that have been forgotten by most of the city: Vietnam Veterans, victims of HIV/AIDS, mentally and physically disabled individuals. The women and men of The Kenmore are fascinating, and what they need most is people to pay attention to them.

What we need: Leaders for stretching and/or yoga sessions, volunteers for basic computer instruction, volunteers for nutrition and diet consulting, volunteers or groups to participate in Game Nights.

Please email Kenmore Liaison Angelica Falcinelli to learn more.

Boys town nyc 

The mission of Boys Town is to give at-risk children and families the love, support, and education they need to succeed. They firmly believe that regardless of background and circumstances, every child and every family has the potential to thrive and these beliefs are reflected in the way they care for the boys of Brooklyn living in the Boys Town houses. Once a month, we join the boys and the staff as we shop for, cook and eat a meal together. You can learn more about the work of Boys Town by helping with a meal.

Please email Brooklyn Associate Pastor Jennifer Fisher to learn more. 


Do For One is a non-profit with a mission to bring dignity and hope to people with disabilities through the power of relationships. Their monthly info sessions are designed for anyone interested in having an in-depth discussion on the kinds of issues people on the margins of society face, particularly people with disabilities, and to reflect on ways we can personally respond to these issues. Snacks and Drinks provided! 

Everyone has the potential to make a life-changing impact on someone’s life. You don’t need to know everything about a person or their circumstances to be an effective advocate. Through Do For One there is a support system of trained professionals who will encourage you as you invest in the lives of others.

To get involved attend an info session posted on their website or email Founder Andrew Oliver. 


The Father’s Heart Ministries helps those living at or below the poverty line move from dependency to dignity and from poverty to prosperity. Needs are addressed through a variety of programs: Hunger Prevention (soup kitchen and food pantry), free legal services, after school programs for children and their families, GED preparation, tutoring and ESL classes and a job-training/mentoring program for teens. All programs are designed to fulfill their core values of unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness and commitment.

Contact The Father's Heart directly here to learn about serving a meal, helping with legal services, working with kids and families and other ways to serve. 


The Bowery Mission is a beautiful example of helping those in need in our city. They have been serving the hungry, homeless, and marginalized since 1879. Don't be mistaken: they are more than a soup kitchen. Yes, they provided over 300,000 meals last year, but they also provide shelter, clothing, showers and even medial assistance. In the summers, they even host a camp for at-risk kids to get out of the city and into nature. 

You can contact the Bowery Mission directly here and learn more about opportunities to serve men, women, and children, ranging anywhere from serving a meal, to helping with resumes, to mentoring kids and serving as a camp counselor. This is great place to serve with your small group, friends, or family.

Likewise, if someone you know is struggling with homelessness, addiction, poverty, or abuse, you can reach out to the Bowery Mission. Contact (212) 674-3456 for the men’s program and (212) 396-9000 for the women’s program.

The Bowery is looking for volunteers for any meal service, any day of the week in January. If you would like to volunteer, please email volunteer@bowery.org.


Restore NYC’s mission is to end sex-trafficking in New York and restore the well-being and independence of foreign-national survivors. Working to this end, they deliver complete care, addressing physical, emotional and spiritual needs; provide community and safe, long-term housing in New York and New Jersey; empower survivors when they cooperate with law enforcement; increase awareness and understanding in the greater community; and advocate for effective policies and legislation.

Contact Restore NYC directly here to learn about volunteer opportunities.


Defy recognizes that many former drug dealers and gang leaders can become successful, legal entrepreneurs. They “transform the hustle” of our formerly incarcerated Entrepreneurs-in-Training (EITs) by offering intensive leadership development, Shark Tank-style business plan competitions, executive mentoring, financial investment, and startup incubation. We offer our EITs a legitimate chance to succeed and equip them to become profitable entrepreneurs, stellar employees, engaged parents, and committed role models and leaders in their communities. We intentionally build life-giving, authentic community between EITs and our executive volunteers as they bond in their humanity.

Read our blog post to learn more about this partnership and contact Defy Ventures directly here to learn how you can serve. 

Local Partners


Arab American Family Support Center (AAFSC)

The Arab-American Family Support Center empowers new immigrants with the tools they need to successfully acclimate to the world around them and become active participants in their communities.

You can learn more about AAFSC by clicking here.

You can volunteer with AAFSC by clicking here.


The New York City Center for Faith and Community Partnerships

The Center on Faith and Community Partnerships (CFCP) began in 2017 as an outgrowth of Mayor de Blasio’s Clergy Council. The purpose of CFCP is to raise the voices and concerns of many different faith groups in City Hall.

Through our trainings, initiatives, and programs, the Center builds community capacity to mobilize civic action. We help your community network, organize, and access resources in four areas: Capacity Building, Diversity and Inclusion, Community Mental Health, and Tenant and Homeowner Resources.

Find out more about the NYC Faith and Community Partnerships

Find a program and get involved!

Forefront Show Up Team

Our Show Up Team's purpose is to lend our voices to movements that promote restorative justice. 

We don't lead protests, rallies, or meetings, but rather show up to support those already doing the good and prophetic work of bringing restoration to our city. 

Sign up for Show Up Team here

Check our calendar to find out about the next Show Up Team event.

Email jonathan@forefrontnyc.com to find out more about the Show Up Team.



Nyc city council 

Find your local city councilman and sign up to receive his/her newsletters. They'll host community conversations around important initiatives in your neighborhoods and hold events that you can attend in support of the issues you care about. If you click on the "Take Action" section, you'll find a list of information on initiatives where the city council is asking for public input and support.


Community Boards

Community boards are local representative bodies. There are 59 community boards throughout the city, and each one consists of up to 50 unsalaried members, half of whom are nominated by their district's City Council members. Board members are selected and appointed by the Borough Presidents from among active, involved people of each community and must reside, work, or have some other significant interest in the community.

Anyone can attend a community board meeting! Board meetings occur once a month and are open to the public. At these meetings, members address items of concern to the community and hear from attendees. Boards regularly conduct additional public hearings - on the City's budget, land use matters, etc. - to give community members the opportunity to express their opinions and concerns.

The first best step is figuring out which community board district you live in, and then finding out about the next meeting.


NYPD Precinct Community Councils

If you're concerned about relations between community and police, there is absolutely no better forum to attend than your Precinct Community Council meeting.

Originally established in the 1940's, Precinct Community Councils are forums that provide ongoing, direct communication between the police and community. There are 86 councils citywide, including one in each precinct and each housing Police Service Area. Meetings are held once per month and open to the public and your attendance is encouraged.


NYC OEM Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

New York City Community Emergency Response Teams (NYC CERT) are groups of dedicated volunteers who help to prepare their neighbors and communities for different types of disasters. NYC CERT falls under the Community Outreach unit within New York City Emergency Management, the City's coordinating agency for organizations and agencies involved in emergency planning, education, and information dissemination.


Participatory Budgeting

This is an interesting new opportunity. For a long time, it's been accepted practice that City Council Members have as close to direct say over where city tax-levy funds are spent in their own districts. To that end, they are allocated a certain discretionary budget to allocate as they see fit. Starting in 2011, four New York City Council Members decided to partake in a growing initiative called Participatory Budgeting, where each would pledge part of these discretionary funds to be allocated according to the will of their constituents expressed through a series of meetings that lead to a formal plan and a vote.


NYC Service

If you're looking for something that offers a clearer path towards service, one of the newest resources for finding opportunities is NYC Service, a website that catalogs needs from organizations in your neighborhood to help connect you.



This may sound farfetched, but they don't say, "If you see something, say something" for nothing. At the most fundamental level, you can help improve the quality of life for you and your fellow New Yorkers by reporting potholes, sinkholes, smelly or clogged catch basins, broken street lights, and leaky hydrants, among many others. You can make a minor investment but a major difference by reporting problems when you see them.


You can also search public records quickly and easily for contact info here: http://www.courtsystem.org/.

Anti-racist Alliance 

Racism happens on many levels. It affects our faith communities. It isn’t good for any of us. We can work together with people who have similar experiences to heal the pain racism causes, prepare ourselves to do better in multi-racial spaces, and organize our power to get   free of its cycles of violence that dehumanize us and our communities.

Find helpful resources to guide you in the work of undoing racism at every level. Learn to have more generous conversations and to stand for equal rights for all people in the context where you work or live. The Anti-Racist Alliance hosts meetings throughout the month for groups of people to come together  (women of color, people of European Descent, Social Workers & Teachers, artists, etc.). These affinity groups offer the opportunity to gather with peers and grapple collectively and honestly with the challenges you encounter and to build strategies and support for overcoming those challenges in the effort of undoing racism in our communities.


organize with faith communities

Faith in New York works to build the Beloved City here in New York City by bringing together a multi-faith, multi-issue, multi-neighborhood base of members who ensure that New York City remains a place of sanctuary for all, regardless of race, class, age, or other identity They believe that when people of faith come together in teams to dream, discern, learn, and act together, prophetic change happens. You can get signed up to organize around specific issues (climate control, prison reform, housing rights, racial justice, etc.) and attend events to learn more to equip you in your fight for justice.


Trellis believes that building and sustaining a thriving neighborhood is a complex effort requiring the gifts and talents of many working together in order to serve the needs and desires of a local community. Their goal is to find and build relationships with local churches and non-profits doing good work and then connect to work, IN, WITH, AND FOR the communities they are serving. They've held forums for community policing, organized events to honor local heroes, and regularly partner with the Brooklyn Borough President's Office of Faith-Based & Clergy Initiatives to promote events for justice throughout the city. This fall and winter Forefront and Trellis are partnering with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to raise awareness of mental health issues in our communities.