Service is a part of our vision at Forefront.

The justice of God is always restorative. God is constantly working to restore systems, communities, families, and humanity. For us to be a just and generous church, we serve as a way to partner with God in bringing restoration to all things. 

We work alongside others to bring justice to systems that oppress or marginalize others.

We work alongside others to bring dignity and restoration to human life.

We work alongside others to be prophetic voices to our communities and our city.

Join us by volunteering with one of these organizations.

Forefront is privileged to be financial partners with Arab American Family Support Center, W/ Collective, Left Hand Church, and Emmaus Collective.

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Ruth’s Refuge

Ruth's Refuge is the new nonprofit that formed out of the CBE Refugee Task Force's work setting up apartments for refugees and asylum seekers.

They are the only organization dedicated to providing furniture and household essentials to refugees and asylum seekers in NYC.

See for more info.


CAMBA Respite Bed Program

CAMBA’s Respite Bed Program is the connection between a network of faith-based respite sites, volunteers, and The Gathering Place clients. The respite sites provide temporary overnight beds to clients who are homeless receiving case management and housing placement services at The Gathering Place Drop-in Center.

Learn more here.


Arab American Family Support Center

The Arab-American Family Support Center empowers new immigrants with the tools they need to successfully acclimate to the world around them and become active participants in their communities.

You can learn more about AAFSC by clicking here.

You can volunteer with AAFSC by clicking here.



Nomi Network is a nonprofit that creates economic opportunities for survivors and women at risk of human trafficking in India and Cambodia. You can support their work by buying products from their Buy Her Bag Not Her Body line or by hosting a party, so your friends can buy bags and learn more. Volunteer for one of their events or participate in awareness events around the city.

Read our blog post to learn more about this partnership and contact Nomi Network directly here to learn how you can serve. 


African Dream Initiative

ADI believes that the best way to build a stronger Africa is to foster future African leaders from diverse backgrounds. ADI finds bright children living on the edges of society and provides them with long-term, quality education, leadership and critical thinking skills, and other resources they need to become leaders in their communities and beyond. Students come from families and tribes stricken by AIDS, war and poverty and, while they don’t lack in ambition, they do need resources to make their dreams come true – that’s where we come in! ADI provides promising children an opportunity to attend the most prestigious schools in the region, where they gain the skills and confidence to become leaders. Learn more here.

In January 2017 a team of Forefront Manhattan & Brooklyn volunteers traveled to Uganda to teach and support the ADI students.


The Kenmore

The Kenmore’s (a part of HSI, NYC) mission is to end chronic homelessness, prevent displacement for those at risk and improve housing conditions for the marginalized through the development and management of permanent supportive housing, collaborations with other community groups, and preservation initiatives to safeguard NYC’s existing affordable housing stock.

The Kenmore is a long-term residential housing complex filled with women and men that have been forgotten by most of the city: Vietnam Veterans, victims of HIV/AIDS, mentally and physically disabled individuals.

We need leaders for stretching and/or yoga sessions, volunteers for basic computer instruction, volunteers for nutrition and diet consulting, volunteers or groups to participate in Game Nights. Please email Kenmore Liaison Angelica Falcinelli to learn more.


W/ Collective

W/ is a collective of empathy building faith organizations: churches, artists, thinkers, content providers, and organizers actively exploring faith and creating in it. W/ is the connective space that supports and amplifies the projects within it.

Like an ecosystem made up of the organisms that live inside it, our existence depends on the connection and thriving of the collective. As an ecosystem is the almost invisible interdependence of organisms, W/ does not seek to create its own presence but to create an environment in which progressive faith thought projects can thrive through connection.

It’s a space where we practice being W/ one another in dialog, in collaboration, in disagreement, in complexity, in hope, and in love.


Emmaus Collective

What’s Emmaus collective? Its a map of our online directory of churches that are on the way to, or working on, dismantling white supremacy in their church culture. We are not saying they are done or totally safe, we are saying these are churches who are naming and claiming they that are doing the work. We offer Christian communities a starting point, and accountability to creating and sustaining anti-racist spaces. Dismantling white supremacy and the constructs of "whiteness" is a life long journey so we offer accompaniment on that road.  


Restore NYC

Restore NYC’s mission is to end sex-trafficking in New York and restore the well-being and independence of foreign-national survivors. Working to this end, they deliver complete care, addressing physical, emotional and spiritual needs; provide community and safe, long-term housing in New York and New Jersey; empower survivors when they cooperate with law enforcement; increase awareness and understanding in the greater community; and advocate for effective policies and legislation.

Contact Restore NYC directly here to learn about volunteer opportunities.


Defy Ventures 

Defy recognizes that many former drug dealers and gang leaders can become successful, legal entrepreneurs. They “transform the hustle” of our formerly incarcerated Entrepreneurs-in-Training (EITs) by offering intensive leadership development, Shark Tank-style business plan competitions, executive mentoring, financial investment, and startup incubation. We offer our EITs a legitimate chance to succeed and equip them to become profitable entrepreneurs, stellar employees, engaged parents, and committed role models and leaders in their communities. We intentionally build life-giving, authentic community between EITs and our executive volunteers as they bond in their humanity.

Read our blog post to learn more about this partnership and contact Defy Ventures directly here to learn how you can serve. 


The New York City Center for Faith and Community Partnerships

The Center on Faith and Community Partnerships (CFCP) began in 2017 as an outgrowth of Mayor de Blasio’s Clergy Council. The purpose of CFCP is to raise the voices and concerns of many different faith groups in City Hall.

Through our trainings, initiatives, and programs, the Center builds community capacity to mobilize civic action. We help your community network, organize, and access resources in four areas: Capacity Building, Diversity and Inclusion, Community Mental Health, and Tenant and Homeowner Resources. Find a program and get involved!