Creative Director
Forefront Church NYC

Part Time/20 hours each week


Job Description - Forefront Church is looking for a creative director who can articulate Forefront’s just and generous inclusive vision through the mediums of musical worship, liturgy, writing, digital media, and storytelling. The successful candidate will work closely with the rest of the Forefront staff to ensure that Forefront church lives out the controversial, unsettling, inclusive, good news of Jesus Christ.

Sunday Creative Objectives:

  • Lead/Develop/Provide a Sunday worship experience that reflects the vision and values of Forefront.

  • Responsible for relevant, unique, and culturally appropriate music, prayer, and liturgy that provokes participation.

  • Align and Coordinate worship selections designed to bring personal and communal worship and to provoke social, cultural, and religious change .

  • Effectively use Planning Center and other tools to provide plans, logistics, order of service, etc. in a timely manner.

  • Organizing all personnel, volunteers, resources, materials in advance of Sunday morning services

  •   Coordinate and be present for Sunday morning worship services.

Digital Objectives:

  • Upload worship services to podcast, vimeo, youtube, and church website.

  • Help produce graphics for Sunday series and church events that reflect the vision, values, and aesthetics of Forefront.

Content Creation Objectives:

  • Work with staff to address and create spiritual and social vision at Forefront.

  • Collaborate in order to create new series, social and spiritual initiatives, and content conducive with Forefront’s vision and values.

  • Participate in Podcast discussions, writing, and speaking on behalf of Forefront’s vision and values.


  • Candidate must have previous experience planning and leading worship services in some capacity.

  • Candidate must be proficient in using photoshop, propresenter, planning center, and keynote.

  • Candidate’s own  must be in line with Forefront’s vision and values as well as LGBTQIA affirming policy.

  • Candidate should be interested in exploring forms of worship and liturgy that account for all of God’s creation and not be limited to an American Evangelical expression of worship.

  • Candidate should be curious, interested in asking better questions rather than having right answers, and willing to take risks that challenge the church community, aligning us closer to the work of Jesus Christ.

  • Candidate should be willing to have fun, taking part in the complete culture of NYC to the best of their capabilities. They should be willing to explore, inhabit, and challenge their schema in hopes of continued personal and spiritual growth.

  • Candidate is willing to be flexible, understanding that church work involves a variety of people with a variety of needs. For that reason the candidate should understand that this is not a 9-5 job.

  • The candidate should be excited about reading, listening, and interacting with a wide variety of art and artists.

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