Every week at Forefront Manhattan, beneath the bustling hive of the auditorium there is another environment that is brimming with even more excitement than the worship upstairs.

Sure, the excitement is a bit different. There's laughter, there's singing, there's a lesson that is taught, and an occasional diaper change (Okay. Maybe not that different except for that last item).

This all happens in the incredible atmosphere that gets created each week by our fabulous Family Ministry Volunteers.

Marlee Waters

and her team work tirelessly (often the first to arrive and the last to leave) converting a pre and post concert lounge into a space that is fun and engaging for children. The kids learn about God in a way that is understandable to them, as their parents get the chance to learn about God upstairs. 

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Jordan & Jenna Raup 

along with their team, convert the Gramercy Green Room into a den for students that meet during our late service. Little do the students know that the night before, the room is occupied by rock stars from all over the world, striking it big in New York City.

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Here's what's interesting, though. You've probably never even seen any of these amazing people. They do it all, week in, week out, invisibly, caring for the future generations of New Yorkers who will one day be running the world.

I'm writing this today, to acknowledge this wonderful team, and to say a HUGE "thanks" for all you do for our families. I don't know what our church would do without you. 

We love you, Family Ministry Team.

Thanks for being team "awesome."


Ryan Phipps

Lead Pastor, Forefront Manhattan