During Lent in 2018, Forefront Manhattan is joining together to pray for our church, our community, our city, and our world.  You can join with us by signing up to pray for one or more days during the next 45 days. 



That Travis, Sheldon, and the Leadership Team of the Forefront would remain strong, peaceful, faithful, prayerful, transparent, and open to personal growth.


That God would create in us a community that will foster unity and growth in all.


That God’s will is first and foremost in everything we set out to do — both as a church community and in our individual lives.


That transparent, meaningful relationships would become normal and remaining anonymous becomes strange.


That we will each find joy in our weakness, as God’s power fills that space in us.


That we would see both an increase in regular attendance and in the number of people intimately experiencing Jesus’ love.


That a culture of story sharing would form, in which helping each other grow in the understanding of our faith is viewed as an ordinary part of life.


That the church body would emulate Jesus and joyfully show kindness and love to the marginalized and forgotten in our city.


That the church body would eagerly step-up to serve, assist and volunteer as needed and according to their gifts.


That regular giving would be joyful, faithful, consistent and sacrificial. 



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Feel free to email us with any questions you may have. We'd love to hear from you.