We want to make a space for people to discover their creative selves and then develop that in the context of honest, supportive community.

Guilds meet once a month and are open to anyone at any level of experience in their creative field, whether you're a professional or totally clueless. The only through-line is sharing and community. At the annual Guild Collective, members showcase the diverse creative work that's kept them busy all year.

Take a look below to find a Guild that interests you and email a leader to join the community.


Beginners, established writers, poets, essayists, bloggers--anyone who has a passion for writing and wants to develop your talent: join our community. We'll support and encourage you to nurture your creativity and passion. Bring a piece you're working on if you would like to read and receive feedback, or come prepared to listen to others.


Over the last two years our Guild has gathered monthly to challenge each other to write more regularly, to be less conscious of the finished product, to face the fear of failure, to laugh, to eat Oreo's, use new technology to extend our creativity, and to write songs about the Brooklyn bridge, wishing the moon was a wheel, bodies & champagne.


Whether you are a freelancer, independent business owner, self-employed worker or just starting out in the world of business, then this group is for you. The Startup Guild meets once a month to improve business skills by sharing stories & solving problems through small-group conversations, informal talks, and mutual mentoring. The Startup Guild is a community where members can use our collective resources and experiences to support one another.


Maybe you perform on Broadway 8 times a week. Maybe you secretly wrote a script for a 3-hour drama chronicling the life of Taylor Swift. Maybe you used to be a hard-core theatre nerd, but have struggled to find the right outlet to jump back in. Or maybe you’ve never done theatre but have always wanted to get involved.
The Theatre Guild offers the community, resources, and collaboration you need to meet your creative goals. We invite amateur and experienced actors, directors, theatrical designers, and playwrights to join us.


Do you have a passion for photography? Maybe you just snap a ton of iPhone selfies. Whatever your skill level, join the photo guild to discuss and experiment with this potent medium.