Forefront believes each individual has infinite worth and wants to join with you on the journey of finding grace and peace in your life and relationships.



Individual therapy can help you identify where disappointment, stress, and hopelessness have taken root. The goal is to help you feel understood and provide practical steps toward peace and fulfillment. Throughout this process, we will discover the integral role faith plays in your relationships, career, and future.



We seek to help couples in finding an emotionally safe space in which to determine what would bring peace back to the relationship. Oftentimes, emotions such as anger or resentment can divide a relationship and create a sense of hopelessness. We want to join with you as a couple – married or otherwise – to help you understand each other again and provide steps for reaching the future goals of your partnership.



Premarital counseling has been shown to help facilitate the transition from dating to marriage by giving couples the opportunity to plan for their future and build skills necessary to create a strong marriage. We will explore topics such as communication patterns, love styles, conflict resolution, religion, dual careers, parenting, intimacy, finances, and more.



We see the family as a unit; when one struggles, the entire unit struggles. When the family is working well, it can be a deep source of support. Families seek therapy together for many different reasons; a child who struggles to obey, a teenager that seems impossible to communicate with, a divorce, or blending of a new family (step families). Together, we will seek to find effective ways everyone can communicate with each other and how each person is significant to the family unit.


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