The church is a place where we each bring all that we are into a shared life together. That might sound messy, as "all that we are" isn't always the most beautiful thing. We all have wounds. We all have experiences that we'd like to blot out of our memories. We all have a unique history and yet, we can't deny these things, for all of them combined make up what we call "I." 

In an institution, one would, by the very nature of "institution" be required to ignore, minimize, or hide all that they don't like about themselves. That's what sets an institution apart from a family. "Family" implies a context in which everyone is fully known, yet fully loved.

Family also requires work, participation, and a commitment by all to invest in that family so that it can flourish and bring a wholeness to all who sit at the table. They may be regulars. They may be guests, but a family is a place where all are loved and nourished because each member does their part according to their own uniqueness and ability.

Joining the Forefront Family

At Forefront, we choose to think of membership in this way. You are not being invited to join an institution or a club, but a family.

The Forefront family has the same characteristics that all healthy families do. 

  • it is a place of shelter, rest, fun and nourishment
  • it is a place where one is challenged to develop, grow and learn
  • it is a place where we are always making room at the table for guests and new family members as they arrive

In the Forefront family, we ask all who desire membership to commit to four vital things that ensure the health, wellbeing, and wholeness of our community.

Imagination: Dream big with us! What can we do together for the betterment of the world that we inhabit? Each of us bring unique gifts and ideas to the table. How can we combine each of our thoughts, talents, and desires for the common good?

Investment: Every family has needs. There are bills to pay. There is food that needs put on the table. There are things to be done around the house. How can we each invest in our community with our time, our energy, and our money? It may look different for all of us, but it only works if we all do our part.

Invitation: Who is on the outside looking in? Who would benefit from being invited into our family? The world is filled with millions people looking for a tribe, a group, and a place to call home. Because of the unique social circles that you occupy, you are in the perfect place to invite someone along with you to explore what life could be like for them in this family. 

Intercession: And on the spiritual side, a family is committed to growth, development, and learning. Whether that takes place in a small group or in a time of private study and prayer, we ask that everyone who calls Forefront "home" be committed to some kind of ongoing spiritual growth practice that reminds each of us that it is God who ties us all of us together.


So what now?

If you are willing to commit to these four things, we'd like to say "welcome" to the Forefront family. You need not take a class or jump through a series of hoops. We'd simply just like you to make yourself known. 

You can do so by filling out the form below and one of our pastors will get in touch with you shortly. 

If you have more questions before saying, "I'm all in." specify on the form and we'd be happy to visit with you and answer any questions that you have.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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